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nuobell dumbbells original green

A pair of NÜOBELLs

  • replaces up to 32 standard dumbbells
  • saves time and space
  • keeps your training fast, fluid and fun.

Durable and versatile

With its good looks and space-saving design, NÜOBELL dumbbell is the one piece of exercise equipment you’ll be happy to have at home.

When we started out, we loved training with dumbbells, but it took too much space to have the weight options required for a thorough workout. We needed a solution that’s dynamic and adds flavor and flow instead of just a static design that restricts fluidity of free weights training.

It inspired us to make something better.

The result? An adjustable dumbbell with revolutionary twist to choose all-in-one weights.

Any weight in an instant, in one dumbbell – that’s NÜOBELL.

As simple as it gets

One of the sweet things about adjustable dumbbells is they embrace simplicity. They’re easy to use, require minimal setup and can be used for a wide range of exercises for any fitness level, from beginner to pro athlete.

So, if you’re looking for a way to simplify your workout without sacrificing results, NÜOBELL is pure nectar. Just twist the handle to choose any weight, then go!

NÜOBELL products

NÜOBELL products

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Compact convenience

Limited space for your home gym? Say hello to NÜOBELL and to streamlined fitness equipment that fits seamlessly into your life. Unlike traditional dumbbells that require racks and multiple pairs for various weights, adjustable dumbbells offer a versatile solution.

With the ability to customize your desired weight with only two dumbbells, you'll free up precious space while maintaining your fitness goals. Embrace the future of fitness with adjustable dumbbells and create a room that's both functional and inviting.

One NÜOBELL adjustable dumbbell



NÜO Athletic Innovation released FLEXBELL in 2016 and it was the first generation of our adjustable dumbbells. This mechanism allows 4 kg increments of the weights and has no half plates on the inside, like NÜOBELL. It also has an older handle mechanism meaning that all FLEXBELL and NÜOBELL products are different and not comparable.

Our patent is still active on FLEXBELL and we manufacture this model still, but only to a few selected resellers.

In 2020 we released the updated version of FLEXBELL: the NÜOBELL. NÜOBELL has 2 kg weigh increment, improved mechanism for safe use and offered in color variations.

You can still order the replacement handle if needed; go to the product page.


Weight range (kg): 2–4–8–12–16–20

Net Weight: 20 KG

Product Dimensions: L-395 X H-185 X W-180mm


Weight range (kg): 2–4–8–12–16–20–24–28–32

Net Weight: 32 KG

Product Dimensions: L-485 x H-185 x W-180 mm


Made out of powder coated steel and holds all FLEXBELL adjustable dumbbells

Net Weight: 15 KG

Product Dimensions: L-740 x H-610 x W-570 mm