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Possibly the best thing I ever bought

Before they arrived I was bit worried if I overspent and gave in for my inner gear nerd. But boy oh boy are they good. I raise my hat to whom ever designed these and for the whole production team, this one is a winner! The dumbbells work exactly as promised and using them is even faster than getting to the rack at gym and searching for the next weight. Having also looked at other systems, I doubt that anything comes close the simplicity, functionality, speed and very slick look. You can have them next to your stereo and they just blend in, not yelling "Gym gear, over here". Only thing I´m bothered about is that I didn't get these years ago :D (for which I might need a time machine, but why not bash your poor soul when chance arrives, right?). Ok, they rattle a bit when lifting, which I did not expect, but that´s not really an issue (it´s not bad, just didn´t expect any noise). Also there is a plastick-ish part that locks into the dumbbell that I worry about (durability over years?). But I´m not sure if those are even issues and my experience 2 months in has been just great. I use them every day on my fitness program and compared to my previous system with 4-5 sets of different adjustable dumbbell pairs, the usage experience is from another planet. If you are thinking about getting them and you are sure that you will be lifting in the future, I would highly recommend a purchase (not once have I felt remorse about "getting the expensive fancy thing" ). And I would recommend getting the 32kg set over 20kg set if you are on the fence about the size. I very rarely need anything above 20kg. How ever, when they arrived and I took 20kg out and looked at those extra plates in the rack, there were not that many there. There is just enough so I have something to grow to. So, confident 5 stars for the product and I expect that the 32kg set will keep me served years to come, even if I would grow to be a slightly bigger boy.

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