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Inspiring everyday training

Everything we do is based on the idea of making everyday training practical, hassle-free and fun. So, we develop our own products from concept to production. By challenging the limits of conventional equipment design, we are charting the future of anywhere exercise.

Effective and smart

Why a dumbbell?

Using free weights helps you train in balance. With a dumbbell, you can move freely and challenge your muscles more than with one-dimensional ‘push-pull’ exercise equipment. And their accessible design means they can be used to reach any fitness goal, from strength training to stamina and conditioning, or all three.

Dumbbells are also incredibly simple to use, and now thanks to NÜOBELL, they’re just as easy to store. They’re also immensely durable, and their design never goes obsolete, unlike software dependent equipment that change regularly and rely on external systems.

Professional equipment for personal spaces

Our product design leads the adjustable dumbbell category.

Smooth movements, durable materials, and attractive finishes.

And easy product support if you need it.