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Innovating everyday training

Everything we do is based on the idea of making everyday training accessible, hassle-free and fun. And to do that, we develop our products ourselves – all the way from concept to production. By challenging the limits of accessible training equipment, we’re exploring the future of anywhere exercise.

Durable and versatile

With its good looks and space-saving design, NÜOBELL dumbbell is the one piece of exercise equipment you’ll be happy to have at home.

When we started out, we loved working out with dumbbells, but to have enough weight options they took up too much space and, with their static design, lacked the fluidity that made the feeling of working out with free weights so attractive in the first place.

So we made something better.

The result? An adjustable dumbbell with revolutionary twist to choose all-in-one weights.

Any weight in an instant – and in the same dumbbell. That’s NÜOBELL.

Effective and smart

Why a dumbbell?

Using free weights helps you train in balance. With a dumbbell, you can move freely and challenge your muscles more than with one-dimensional ‘push-pull’ exercise equipment. And their accessible design means they can be used to reach any fitness goal, from strength training to stamina and conditioning, or all three.

Dumbbells are also incredibly simple to use, and now thanks to NÜOBELL, they’re just as easy to store. They’re also immensely durable, and their design never goes out of date, unlike tech-forward exercise solutions that change regularly and rely on external systems to survive.