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Collaboration partners

If you’re familiar with any of the great companies below, you may already know NÜOBELL. We work closely with numerous partners around the world, who license or sell our products to help their customers experience a great workout at home.

outdoor training

Patent license agreement

Companies that work closely with us and that use our patents on a license agreement.

Stairmaster is a long-time collaborator that sells our products on the North American market under their own name.


A collaborator that sells our products on the US market under their own name.


NÜOBELL custom

In addition to our patent license agreements, we also work closely with companies that rebrand our products for their home market.

The global destination to get the best workout of your life. Barry’s are dedicated to changing lives worldwide through workouts and community.

smartfit nuobell bumbbells

SMRTFT understands that strength and conditioning at home needs to be as efficient and effective as possible. SMRTFT strive to give you the best of what you need to achieve your fitness goals when and where you want it.


Since the origin in 2007 Lacertosus is dedicated to the creation of the best quality products that you can find for Functional Training and Strenght & Conditioning.


ATX® is a German global gym equipment brand with a passion for functional and strength training equipment.


Bolt Fitness Supply, LLC specializes in high grade functional, bodybuilding, and powerlifting fitness equipment for residential and commercial use.

gymarmy nuobell dumbbell

Canadian partner Gym Army believes a strong mental foundation is the key to maintaining a sustainable healthy body and lifestyle.

hoi vario dumbbells nuobell

Since 1949, the brand Kettler has been synonymous with quality and innovation, offering fitness equipment tailored for your home. They're all about quality and are constantly setting new trends in design and technology.

sidea nuobell adjustable dumbbells
sidea logo

Sidea collaborate with the best specialists in the field of training to offer cutting-edge equipment, designed to be simple, effective, and authentic. They aim to offer a wide range of products that meet every need, from those of beginners to professional athletes.

Smartlock nuobell adjustable dumbbells

HAMMER Sport has over 100 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of sports goods. Experience the future of fitness training, whether you're a beginner or a pro.