With up to 20kg of on-demand weight at your fingertips, the NÜOBELL 220 hits the sweet spot for strength, stamina and endurance training.

Weight range (kg): 2–4–6–8–10–12–14–16–18–20

Net Weight: 20 KG

Product Dimensions: L-395 X H-185 X W-180mm
Handle: Length 105 mm, diameter 32 mm
Sold in pairs only. (2 pcs)


For the athlete who needs a little more resistance at the top end, the NÜOBELL 232 provides up to 32kg of all-in-one weight, stepped in the same 2kg increments as the 220.

Weight range (kg): 2–4–6–8–10–12–14–16–18–20–22–24–26–28–30–32

Net Weight: 32 KG

Product Dimensions: L-485 x H-185 x W-180 mm
Handle: Length 105 mm, diameter 32 mm
Sold in pairs only. (2 pcs)


Made out of powder coated steel and holds all NÜOBELL adjustable dumbbells.

Net Weight: 15 KG
Product Dimensions: L-740 x H-610 x W-570 mm

A pair of NÜOBELLs

  • Replaces up to 32 standard dumbbells.
  • Saves time and space.
  • Keeps your training fast, fun and fluid.

Durable and versatile

With its good looks and space-saving design, NÜOBELL is the one piece of exercise equipment you’ll be happy to have at home.

When we started out, we loved working out with dumbbells, but they took up too much space and, with their static design, lacked the fluidity that made the feeling of working out with free weights so attractive in the first place.

So we made something better. The result? A dynamic dumbbell with revolutionary twist to choose all-in-one weights.

Any weight in an instant. That’s NÜOBELL.

Customer reviews

  • Great product

    Quality and build construction are top notch on these dumbbells, highly recommend”

    ELIJAH DAVIS - August 11, 2022

  • So easy to use

    These are the fastest weight changing dumbbells I’ve ever seen. So simple and quick! Love them!”

    COOPER JENNINGS - August 2, 2022

  • Love these weights

    Weights are super durable and it’s easy to change back and forth between weights

    KYLE MAGE - July 29, 2022